FCC Proposes $116M Fine For Scambaiter ScammerBlaster

FCC Proposes $116M Fine For Scambaiter ScammerBlaster

In a shocking blow to the online scambaiting community, the FCC have decided to target ScammerBlaster with a huge fine for allegedly sending out 9,763,599 prerecorded voice message calls.

According to a user on Scammer.info, these robocalls may have been sent by a malicious user who had access to Dorsher's systems at the time.

ScammerBlaster, real name Thomas Dorsher, entered the scambaiting scene when he made an account on Scammer.info. He quickly got interested and used his wealth to create a scam blasting app which floods a scammer's number with calls.

With online fraud rising, we have to ask the question, why? It seems the FCC doesn't want to go after the actual criminal robocallers and would rather destroy something which does good for the world.

In the documents filed by the FCC, they call Thomas Dorsher a scammer, even though he is responsible for shutting down a vast amount of scammers in the past, and didn't seem to engage in fraudulent behaviour.

We can only wait to see the outcome of this proposed fine in the coming months.